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In Java 8 you can do something like this: There are four restrictions on the behavior of the compareTo method, which we won't go into now because they're fairly technical and boring and are better left in the API documentation. In other words, tweak it so that the only elements seen as equal when using compare are those that are also seen as equal when compared using equals. buy an essay online dating safety The next section will be of interest to you if you want to implement your own Comparable type. First, you compare the most significant part of the object in this case, the last name.

The reason is that the employee who was hired most recently is the least senior; sorting in the order of hire date would put the list in reverse seniority order. Elements that can be compared to one another are called mutually comparable. how to edit an essay grade 5 In this case, the part is a String and the natural lexicographic ordering is exactly what's called for. Thats very simple and great way.

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If i is a large positive integer and j is a large negative integer, i - j will overflow and will return a negative integer. It's really important that all classes that implement Comparable obey these restrictions, so read the documentation for Comparable if you're writing a class that implements it. Writing custom comparator java If there were more parts, you'd proceed in the obvious fashion, comparing parts until you found two that weren't equal or you were comparing the least-significant parts, at which point you'd return the result of the comparison. Unfortunately, the boss has asked for a list of employees in order of seniority. For that I try to use Java Comparator and comparable but it allows to sort in alphabetic order only.

Change data type of color from String to Colors Change return type and argument type of getter and setter method of color to Colors. Besides, it's not a "functional" way of doing it This means we have to do some work, but not much.

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This is all you really need to know about the Comparable interface if you just want to sort lists of comparable elements or to create sorted collections of them. In principle, I agree that using an enum is an even better approach, but this version is more flexible as it lets you define different sort orders. paper writing service magic tricks Using comparator to make custom sort Ask Question. Or what if you want to sort some objects that don't implement Comparable?

If the most significant parts are equal, you go on to compare the next most-significant parts. The compare method compares its two arguments, returning a negative integer, 0, or a positive integer depending on whether the first argument is less than, equal to, or greater than the second. buy essays online for college basketball Let's assume that the natural ordering of Employee instances is Name ordering as defined in the previous example on employee name. Since this section is about element ordering, let's talk a bit more about Name 's compareTo method.

I want to use my custom sorting order like Red car come first, then Blue, etc. Just to show that it all works, here's a program that builds a list of names and sorts them. custom papers online envelopes online PaintColors is not accessed in ColorComparator. It cannot be used to order a sorted collection, such as TreeSet , because it generates an ordering that is not compatible with equals. If either of the arguments has an inappropriate type for the Comparator , the compare method throws a ClassCastException.

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When you're sorting a List , this doesn't matter; but when you're using the Comparator to order a sorted collection, it's fatal. Otherwise, a negative value is returned. Writing custom comparator java Now actually I want to sort the list by car color.

If the most significant parts are equal, you go on to compare the next most-significant parts. This is all you really need to know about the Comparable interface if you just want to sort lists of comparable elements or to create sorted collections of them. Writing custom comparator java The resulting comparator violates one of the four technical restrictions we keep talking about transitivity and produces horrible, subtle bugs.

However, it is the comparator that defines precisely what sorted order means. Sign up using Email and Password. Writing custom comparator java Both TreeSet and TreeMap store elements in sorted order. The following table summarizes some of the more important Java platform classes that implement Comparable.

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