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Believing that inclusion of a prominent co-author will ensure acceptance of a poor quality manuscript is a common misconception and should be strongly discouraged. Hypothetical scale comparing the efforts put and proportion of scholarly credits perceived. common app essay help email It is appropriate to engage the reader by balancing the scientific narration with a human touch, such as first-person narration. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins;

Visual representation of your data makes it easier for the reader to understand. It is a good practice to extend personal thanks to all involved with the paper at various stages including those mentioned under the acknowledgements section. best custom writing website dress shirts OK The phases of research Dimitra Hartas.

Simple statistical tools , including tutorials[ 18 ] and calculators[ 19 ] for statistical analysis required for most of the clinical-translational research are available on the web. This free service is available to anyone who has published and whose publication is in Scopus. best essay writing app CytoJournal's peer-review process is double-blind, in which the author identity is kept unknown to the reviewers and vice versa. Studies involving human subjects must first be approved by the Institutional Review Board. If you must use abbreviations, Materials and Methods is a good place to introduce them.

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Although these may not be enumerated specifically by the journals, some of the features which may be highlighted are: Submit Your Paper Enter your login details below. If you do not already have an account you will need to register here. Help to write a research paper publishable qualitative Guidelines for the advanced experimental sciences research paper. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy.

You should also ask others for their opinion, including junior and senior colleagues, trainees, mentors, and secretarial staff depending on the topic and its breadth. Performing this exercise of publishing research under the open access charter is now possible in the modern era with the advent of internet. Help to write a research paper publishable qualitative Writing process From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [Last accessed on Jan 22]. Peer reviewers are the most critical component of scientific publications and they extend you the opportunity to improve the final publication. How to write article?

Additional issues to consider in selecting an appropriate journal include: Why this data set and not alternatives? Journal selection The focus at this stage is to consider what is the most appropriate journal in which to publish the manuscript? In addition to the many benefits mentioned above, internet-based journals allow verification of multiple quality indices related to the individual articles and the journal with easily available free tools on web in real time instead of static data.

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Many readers will only review the abstracts, at least initially, so it is vitally important. What criteria did you use for picking the sample? Organize your results The results are the soul of your study and a critical part of the manuscript. best custom paper quality gsmead Although the abstract appears first in the article, it is better to write it last, after all the details are well worked out.

It is a highly rewarding conduit to the personal success and growth leading to the collective achievement of continued scientific progress. Although this article mainly concerns research papers, the broad principles are applicable to other areas of pathology and science in general. online assignment writing help in sri lanka Although initially it may appear to be an insurmountable task, diligent organizational discipline with a little patience and perseverance with input from mentors should lead to the preparation of a nearly perfect publishable manuscript even by a novice. The results then may be:. It should be spelled out very early in the planning stages of any study.

Journal List Cytojournal v. The message by each of the four presenters had an anticipated overlap. help on essay mahatma gandhi in hindi for class 5 How I review an original scientific article. The CytoJournal abstracts are structured under four different areas: Auth with social network:

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The selection of these should be theoretically justified e. In the next paragraph, explain the methodology. Help to write a research paper publishable qualitative Readers often miss trends of data in tables; therefore, use graphs to highlight trends. Methods of maintaining patient safety and confidentiality may be included if relevant. Pitman , MD, 1 and Richard M.

Additional benefits include more rapid and wider dissemination of the work in a free environment. The acceptance of your manuscript has been your final goal and you deserve a huge congratulation for achieving it! The fact is that only published articles are considered the true gauge of academic achievement in the scholarly world as judged by funding entities, department chairs, colleagues, and peers.

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