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It was really awsome, my friends had no clue what to do. Now here's the sneaky part. essay writing help how improve english Write some nonsense letters above and below your message, where the paper is blank. This will be the secret message that you send.

Dana, age 12 of Zanesville, OH wrote: Write one letter on each "stripe" of paper. I have a friend who is moving away, and she loves codes.

It worked out really great!! Give the message to your friend and see if she can figure out what it says. I sended a messege to my dad and brother. custom essay writing reviews organizations Marc, age 7 of Scotch Plains, NJ wrote:

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Eddie, age 8 of Louisville, KY wrote: Next time, try writing your message in code. Emily, age 11 of Hampden, MA wrote: When I saw the show, I researched Scytale messages online.

I did it and my mom tryed to guess it but couden't figer it out so I had to tell her. I tried somrthing different. That's because when cylinders are two different sizes, the circumferences, or distances around the cylinders, are different and the letters won't match up. I had to use 3 rolls of towel rolls.

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Send us your ZOOMsci feedback! Logan, age 9 of Clackamas, OR wrote: Bailey, age 9 of Carencro, LA wrote: Mounanka, age 10 of Houston, TX wrote:

I had did this before. Ian, age 10 wrote: Taylor, age 9 of Circleville, OH wrote: If u take a mirror and make it face another mirror.

Chiquita, age 15 of Memphis, TN wrote: I finally told her how to read the message, and now she plays that trick on her friends! I tried it on my sister and she didn't get it. He figured out that I wrote "What's Up People". online business thesis tagalog Taylor, age 9 of Circleville, OH wrote:

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Logan, age 9 of Clackamas, OR wrote: Jessica, age 10 of Westminster, CO wrote: She didn't get it because I put three messages on there and on differant cans so she got confused.

I realized you could do Mirror Messages a lot easier. Ronnie, age 11 of Rosemead, CA wrote: It was so cool! I did it and my mom tryed to guess it but couden't figer it out so I had to tell her. It turns out that they were used by Spartan commanders in Ancient Greece.

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